Will the Milieu Climate work in my home or business?

The Milieu Climate is compatible with most ducted air conditioners, heat pumps and gas heating systems found in Australian homes. It will also work in most commercial premises like schools, libraries, offices, warehouses and factories.

Currently, the Milieu Climate is not designed to work on high wall split systems. Keep an eye out for future updates.

Does the Milieu Climate smart thermostat have voice control?

Yes, you can connect to Google Home or Amazon Alexa. Both the Google Home and Amazon Alexa applications will step you through this process.  Ensure you have your Milieu Climate account details handy during the install.

How far can I take the Hub from the Smart Base?

The maximum distance the devices can be placed apart is 10m. This will vary depending on house construction and obstacles.

How far can I install the Smart Base from my heating and cooling unit?

The maximum distance between the Smart Base and air conditioning unit is 100m.

How long does the portable Hub last?

The Hub’s internal battery lasts for up to 30 minutes. The Milieu Climate is the only thermostat available that can be taken off the wall and still be used. This gives you ample time to find a suitable location in your home and plug in the Hub’s USB-C cable for permanent power.

How can I reduce my energy consumption with the Milieu Climate?

  • Use the Milieu Climate app to switch off your heating and cooling units remotely if they’ve been left on
  • Use the motion sensor to switch off your unit if no one’s using the room
  • Use the schedule to activate heating/cooling when needed.

How can I reduce my energy bills?

With the ability to control temperature and humidity plus monitor lighting, sound, air quality and pressure, the Milieu Climate smart thermostat can help reduce your quarterly energy bills.

Using the Away Mode, you can set the temperature so your heating and cooling units do not run too much while you are out. Additionally, you can use this feature to ensure your home does not get too hot or cold during the day, reducing the need for extensive heating and cooling when you get home.

The Milieu Climate has dual set points in Auto heat/cool mode. This means that it can activate your unit when your house temperature reaches a set cold or hot point. 

Your heating/cooling unit’s compressor will not run in between these points, helping you save energy.
The further away you have the cold and hot set temperatures the more energy you can save.

What does each fan option do?

The Milieu Climate app allows you to choose from four different fan options; Auto, Continuous, Circulate and Auto-i.*

Each of these options have their own functions.

Auto – The fan turns on automatically when your system starts heating or cooling and turns off automatically when it stops. The Auto option is good during heating mode because it will turn the fan off when the compressor stops heating. If the fan stays on it may cause an adverse effect, creating a draft by circulating air that is not heated.

Continuous – The fan stays on, circulating the air even if the compressor has turned off.

Circulate – The fan will turn for a minute to 10 minutes per hour, even if the cooling or heating has not been running. This is useful for places that get stuffy or mould building up if they don’t have enough air circulation.

Auto-i –  This option is like Auto but also monitors the air quality level. If the volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in the room get above a certain level and your heating and cooling system is not running the fan, the Auto-i option will automatically turn the fan on. The fan will remain on until VOC levels drop.

* The four options (Auto, Continuous, Circulate, Auto-i) are only available when connected to 24VAC control systems. If you’re using the brand Adaptor Kit, the modes available will depend on your system type.


How do I install the Milieu Climate smart thermostat?

See the Installation Manual that came with your Milieu Climate smart thermostat or the Installation Manual in the brand Adapter Kit.

You can also view them online here:

Milieu Climate App

What does the Milieu Climate app do?

Climate control

Change operating mode and target temperature with the cool, heat, dry, fan only and auto options. You’re in complete control.

Environmental display

The environmental display shows real-time sensor readings.

Timers & schedules

Set a timer to change the system’s operating mode for up to 24 hours. With schedules, you can program the Hub to automatically change modes, fan options and temperature when desired.

The Milieu Climate app is compatible with Android and Apple smartphone devices.

Do I need to use the app to work the Milieu Climate smart thermostat?

No, you can use the Milieu Climate’s portable Hub to control and monitor your environment without the app. 

Can I use the Milieu Climate app when I’m not at home?

Yes, if you have an internet connection you can use the Milieu Climate app to control your smart thermostat anywhere, anytime. Change the temperature on the way home from work so you can walk into a perfectly cooled or heated space.

Brand Adapter Kit

How do I know if I need the brand Adapter Kit?

Depending on your type of air conditioner or heat pump unit, you may require the Adapter Kit. If your unit has a communicating control system, you will need the Adapter Kit. If your air conditioning unit or gas heating system has a 24VAC control system, you will not require the Adapter Kit.

What is a 24VAC (non-communicating) control system?

A 24VAC thermostat sends a one way signal from the thermostat relays to the HVAC equipment.

24VAC control systems are widely used in control systems around the world for things like irrigation controls, low voltage lights, CCTV systems, thermostats and HVAC zone control systems. They’re safe to work on and easy to diagnose faults.

What is a communicating control system?

A communicating control system is more like a computer network. It allows for two way communication between the thermostat and HVAC system components. This allows the thermostat to report and display any faults with the HVAC system.  

How do I know if my system has a communicating control system or a 24VAC control system?

There are a few ways to determine what type of control system you have.


  • For air conditioners and heat pumps

If you have one of the following brands it is most likely a communicating system and a brand Adapter Kit will be required.

Daikin, Fujitsu, Hitachi, LG, Midea, Mitsubishi Electric, Mitsubishi Heavy, Panasonic, Samsung and Toshiba.*

For the following brands, please contact your air conditioning installer or Milieu Labs.

ActronAir, Alcair, Apac, Brivis, Braemar, Carrier, Email, Gree, Haier, HiSense, Lennox, Pioneer, Rinnai, Temperzone, Uniare, Universal, and York.


* Systems over 20 years old belonging to these brands may not require a brand Adapter Kit.


  • For ducted gas heaters

Gas heaters will use 24VAC or communicating control systems. Check with your installer or contact Milieu labs for more information about your system.


  • For thermostats

To find out what system your thermostat uses, you will need to remove the cover. 

Before doing so, turn off the power to your air conditioner. Always refer to the installation manual and safety instructions that came with the controller.

Check the number of wires you have. If you only have 2 wires, you most likely have a communicating system. If you have 3-4 wires, you could have either a communicating or a 24VAC system.  If you have 5 wires or more, you most likely have a 24VAC control system.


If the wire terminals have the letters like Y1, G, R, C, W1, O/B you have a 24VAC control system.

You may see other letters like Y, Y2, W, W2, B, O, RH, RC, indicating you have a 24VAC control system.