Milieu Climate Smart Thermostat

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Milieu Climate


With the Milieu Climate Smart Thermostat, you can improve your environment by controlling your ducted air conditioner or gas heating system whilst monitoring everything from air quality and lighting levels, sound to humidity.

It’s your home. It’s time to make it your own environment. Total Comfort. Your Way.

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Take control of your environment

  • Temperature

    With sensitive built-in sensors, the Milieu Climate Smart Thermostat monitors your home’s temperature and automatically adjusts the air conditioning system to maintain your ideal indoor climate and level of comfort within your home at all times.

  • Humidity

    By detecting the amount of moisture in the air, Milieu Climate monitors the humidity in your home and displays how to restore the ideal level. When low, you can turn on your humidifier and when high, you can activate your air-conditioning system’s dry mode.

  • Air Quality

    A high concentration of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) in your home can have an impact on your health. The Milieu Climate Smart Thermostat effectively monitors your home’s air quality with an innovative VOC sensor to help keep you and your family safe.

  • 24h Timer

    With the Milieu Climate Smart Thermostat timer function, you can say goodnight with the perfect home climate, knowing that your system will switch off once you and your family are fast asleep. It’s complete peace of mind at night.

  • 7-Day Schedule

    Program your weekly routine and always come home to the perfect environment every day with the Milieu Climate’s 7-day scheduler function. With your Smart Thermostat, you’ll never have to worry about your home’s temperature again.

  • Away mode

    With the innovative Away mode, the Milieu Climate Smart Thermostat will ensure that the temperature in your home doesn’t get too hot or cold while you are away, making it faster and easier to reach your ideal temperature when you return.

  • Auto mode

    The Milieu Climate’s Auto mode function helps you save on energy and maximise convenience by allowing you to set your ideal temperature range for your home – meaning the Cooling and Heating systems are not required to operate constantly.

  • Dry mode

    When the Milieu Climate’s built-in sensors detect and display high humidity levels in your home, you can activate the Dry mode function of your air conditioning system to remove excess moisture and humidity from the air, keeping you and your family comfortable.

  • Fan options

    If your Air Conditioning system uses Milieu Fan logic, the Auto-i feature will automatically turn your fan on if the air becomes too toxic, and the Circulate feature will activate the fan from time to time to help save energy and keep your home comfortable and healthy.

  • Sound

    With the Milieu Climate Smart Thermostat, you can actively monitor the sound levels in your home or office to ensure optimal relaxation and concentration. You can even monitor for loud noises while you’re not home via the Milieu Climate App.

  • Light

    The Milieu Climate Smart Thermostat is the perfect device for monitoring the ideal level of light comfort in your home, no matter the time of day. It displays the brightness and can even detect when lights have been left on, helping you save on your energy bills.

  • Pressure

    Featuring a highly accurate barometric sensor, the Milieu Climate Smart Thermostat can monitor the atmosphere around your home to keep you informed and prepared for any upcoming changes in weather conditions.

Take control with the Milieu Climate app.

The Milieu Climate app allows you to control the Milieu Climate smart thermostat and design your ideal space at any time, from anywhere. You can manage multiple hubs, giving you control over multiple locations. Portable Hubs can be grouped together under properties, and you can even switch between hubs for added convenience.

Climate Control

Change operating mode and target temperature with the cool, heat, dry, fan only and auto options. You’re in complete control.

Environmental Display

The environmental display shows real-time sensor readings.

Timers & Schedules

Set a timer to change the system’s operating mode for up to 24 hours. With schedules, you can program the portable Hub to automatically change modes, fan options and temperature when desired.

Schedules span 7 days with customisable events for every day of the week.

Tech specs


Length = 158mm
Height = 83mm
Depth = 25mm
Weight = 255g

Trim plate
Length = 165mm
Height = 90mm
Depth = 4mm
Weight = 42g

Smart Base
Length = 70mm
Height = 58mm
Depth = 18mm
Weight = 68g

Power Base
Length = 70mm
Height = 58mm
Depth = 18mm
Weight = 60g


ABS/PC Plastic
Toughened Glass


24 bit Colour LCD
2.1 inches diameter
Resolution- 320 x 320


Air Quality

Wireless Connectivity

Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n 2.4GHz
Thread- 802.15.4 (2.4 GHz)

Power and battery

Operating Voltage
24VAC 50-60Hz – 36VA Transformer
USB-C – Any standard USB-C power supply

700 mAh
Up to 30min

Electrical ratings

Max. Current Rating
Y1, W1 1.5 amps
Y2,W2, O/B, G 1.0 Amps
All Terminals combined 2.5 amps

Power consumption

Hub = 5oo mA



Operating Ambient

Temperature Hub 5c – 40c
Temperature Smart Base -20c – 60c
Humidity up to 90%RH

Storage Ambient

Temperature -20c – 60c
Humidity up to 90%RH


Recyclable Packaging
ROHS Compliant
Mercury Free
PVC Free
Arsenic Free


2 year limited warranty


Works with

  • Non-communicating (24VAC control) – Brand Adaptor Kit NOT required
  • Most US and Australian 24VAC systems
  • Heating: 1 and 2 stage
  • Cooling: 1 and 2 stage
  • Gas heating with add on cooling systems: 1 and 2 stage
  • Heat pump: 1 and 2 stage with auxiliary, with O/B
  • Power: 1 and 2 transformers (heating and cooling transformers)
  • Systems with and without C wire (use Power Base)

With Adaptor Kit:

Not with:

  • Hydronic systems
  • Boiler systems
  • 240VAC systems*
  • Dual Fuel systems**


* These systems may work with the addition of a 240v to 24v relay. Contact Milieu Labs for more detail.

** Duel fuel – gas heating combined with heat pump. 

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How to Install your Milieu Climate Smart Thermostat

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