Did you know..

  • Milieu Climate is designed for both residential and light commercial applications.
  • Milieu Climate is compatible with wide range of Cooling and Heating Systems, including Ducted Air Conditioning, Gas Ducted Heating, Water Cooled, Packaged Systems.
  • Milieu Climate controls are ideal for Multi-Head or VRF systems, giving you a centralised control of your system or individual control of each indoor head.
  • Installing a Milieu Climate system is simple and should take between 30 to 45 minutes to install.
  • Our local trained Technical Support Team can assist you during the installation process.
  • Installation manuals are included with every box and can be accessed online.

Step 1 – Open your install manual and follow the step-by step instructions

Go to the fuse box or your circuit breaker box and turn the power to the Heating or Cooling System off. This is very important to ensure a safe installation.

Step 2 – Remove your existing controller

Follow the specific instructions in the Milieu Climate install manual to remove your existing controller and identify the wiring.

Step 3 – Install the Milieu Climate Smart Base

Follow the instructions depending on your wiring and system requirements. If your system requires an adaptor to be installed, follow the instructions in the Adaptor kit install manual that suits your specific brand of air conditioner.

Step 4 – Follow the set up guide

Once you’ve finished the installation, you can turn the power to your Heating or Cooling System back on. Follow the set up wizard to configure you Milieu Climate Smart Thermostat.

Step 5 – Download the Milieu Climate app

Connect your account to your app to enable control of your Heating or Cooling system from anywhere.

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