At Milieu Labs, we make indoor climate control and monitoring technology both inspiring and exciting.

— Kevin Mundy, Founder

We continuously strive to develop products that surprise, delight, and work beautifully for you – all while giving you more control over your own environment.

After more than 30 years of experience within the Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning industry, our founder, Kevin Mundy, saw the need for a new kind of smart space solution – one that was forward-thinking and driven by a mission to make indoor climate control products more inspiring and exciting to use.

That’s where the Milieu Labs journey began.

Today, we develop products using innovative technology to provide our customers with a greater understanding and control over their living and working spaces.
For years, smart thermostats have only been capable of measuring temperature and humidity. Now, with the Milieu Climate Smart Thermostat, key insights into elements such as air quality, noise levels, lighting and weather forecasts are just one touch away.

The Milieu Climate is just the first exciting step in our journey to connect customers to effortless and beautiful living environments.

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