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The Milieu Climate is the first ever Australian-developed smart thermostat (with environmental monitoring) – and is a recent design award winner for the innovative use of technology in residential and commercial environments. The Milieu Climate Smart Thermostat is easy for end-users to operate and comes with a portable wall-mounted controller, plus they can also control it via a smartphone from anywhere around the world.

Yet it’s much more than just a thermostat. Milieu Climate also measures a home’s air quality, noise, humidity and more, for health and wellness benefits, all year round. It comes with seven sensors for total control.

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See how Milieu Climate works for your home.


Milieu Climate smart thermostat keeps you comfortable where you are. Its built-in sensors adjust to your routine to deliver the perfect level of heating or cooling.

  • Auto-adjusting temperature
  • App control
  • Auto schedule – set it for particular times
  • Automatically switches off if no one’s home
  • Integrates with most heating and cooling systems
  • Simple controls
  • Conserve energy

Air Quality

Never leave the health of your home up in the air. The Milieu Climate smart thermostat shows you the air quality of a room.

  • Monitor the health of your home
  • Measure volatile organic compounds (VOCs)
  • Determines fresh air
  • Provides equivalent CO2 readings


No one reads a room better. Milieu Climates’ built-in sensors monitor the humidity levels in your home. If it’s too high, its Dry Mode function will remove moisture to increase comfort.

  • Know if your home is dry, humid or healthy
  • Helps reduce allergies
  • Automatically optimise air conditioning settings


Informed and insightful, the Milieu Climate’s barometric sensor monitors the pressure level in your home and surroundings.

  • Get an understanding of the climate outside and upcoming weather
  • Track high pressure (indicating clear skies, dry and stable weather)
  • Track low pressure (indicating unstable weather like rain or storms)


The Milieu Climate smart thermostat looks out for you, monitoring the sound levels in your room for ultimate relaxation and concentration.

  • Identify if your office space is quiet enough or if your workplace is too loud
  • Identify loud noises at home when you are out


The Milieu Climate can identify ideal lighting levels for your day-to-day activities. It will also indicate when smart lights have been left on.

  • Identify if blinds are open or closed
  • Save energy


Improve energy efficiency with the Milieu Climate’s motion sensors. It detects if someone is in the room or not and adjusts the temperature accordingly.

  • Learn if no one has used a room for over an hour
  • Dial down or turn off heating/cooling for energy efficiency

Cool to





Your Environment





Air quality



40 dB


948.1 hPa


58 lx

Use the dial to adjust the thermostat and control the environment.

Australian Designed & Engineered, local support

Our products are proudly Australian developed and are compatible with just about every leading reverse-cycle air-conditioning and gas heating system available here.

We offer a comprehensive 2-year parts warranty, and fast access to local support including a Sydney-based call centre if you need it. We provide free referrals and full access to training material, plus you can also take advantage of very competitive trade pricing.

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