What does each fan option do?

The Milieu Climate app allows you to choose from four different fan options; Auto, Continuous, Circulate and Auto-i.*

Each of these options have their own functions.

Auto – The fan turns on automatically when your system starts heating or cooling and turns off automatically when it stops. The Auto option is good during heating mode because it will turn the fan off when the compressor stops heating. If the fan stays on it may cause an adverse effect, creating a draft by circulating air that is not heated.

Continuous – The fan stays on, circulating the air even if the compressor has turned off.

Circulate – The fan will turn for a minute to 10 minutes per hour, even if the cooling or heating has not been running. This is useful for places that get stuffy or mould building up if they don’t have enough air circulation.

Auto-i –  This option is like Auto but also monitors the air quality level. If the volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in the room get above a certain level and your heating and cooling system is not running the fan, the Auto-i option will automatically turn the fan on. The fan will remain on until VOC levels drop.

* The four options (Auto, Continuous, Circulate, Auto-i) are only available when connected to 24VAC control systems. If you’re using the brand Adaptor Kit, the modes available will depend on your system type.