Brand Adapter Kit, connecting your home for the better.

Connect your Kaden air conditioner with the Milieu Climate Thermostat using our Brand Adaptor Kit.

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What’s in the box

  • 24VAC Adapter
  • Intesis Box
  • AC Cable
    May look different depending on your Adapter Kit. (Not supplied with all kits)
  • Wire Connectors
  • Brand Adapter Manual

Other things you might need


Drill Bit (14mm)

Parallel Pliers

Wire Strippers



Where to install?

Make sure all components of the Adapter Kit are in a serviceable location.rnrnMake sure to install at least 1m away from the roof line to avoid excess heat.rnrnDo not install thermostat / control cables alongside 240v cables for long runs.

Distance between Hub and Smart Base.

To ensure there is a good wireless connection between the Hub and the Smart Base, make sure the distance between the two is not more than 10m. The presence of walls and objects can affect the performance of the connection between the devices.rnrnIf you are using the thermostat away from the Smart Base, make sure it has enough battery power or is connected to a USB charger.rnrnThe Hub can be used on battery power for up to 30 minutes, depending on the usage.

Wiring diagrams

Plug-in terminal

Tech specs


24vac Power supplyrnLength = 100mmrnHeight = 64mmrnwidth = 74mm – without wingsrnwidth = 94mm – woth mounting wingsrnrnCable length output = 1200mmrnCable length input = 700mmrnrnu003cspan style=u0022text-decoration: underline;u0022u003eIntesis Gatewayu003c/spanu003ernLength = 93mmrnHeight = 58mmrnwidth = 53mmrn*Some gateways may vary in size.


Gateway to thermostat = Modbus


2 year limited

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